Who am I, exactly?

I am Liana Mahoney. Yes, I know my first name is hard to spell, and it never appears on personalized merchandise. But look up my first name in the dictionary, and you will see that I share my name with a tropical, flowering vine. This name suits me well. I love all things wild, and have an unquenchable thirst to notice the little things. I’ve built my whole life around the idea that there will always be something to learn and opportunities to grow as long as I stay curious.

In my writerly life, I am a children’s poet, educational writer, non-fiction writer, and frequent vanilla chai tea drinker. I belong to two critique groups. Wish Upon a Word is my local group, which meets in person once a month and includes four wonderfully tough and personable ladies. My online critique group, The Poets Garage, consists of 20 members and dedicates its work solely to children’s poetry.

I’d like to add “blogger” to my identity, but the jury’s still out on that one. Up until now, I thought a sticky post was just an ant trap. I have so much to learn here!

In my personal life, I am a mother of three, a wife, a nationally-certified teacher, a dark chocolate addict, a rescuer of turtles, and a self-proclaimed moth whisperer. I’m a huge fan of summertime, garage sales, Harry Potter, organic gardens, and Bon Jovi. I’m also a fan of the comma (both the punctuation mark and the butterfly). And while some people find treasures under the couch cushions or in the dryer lint screen, I cannot resist treasure hunting up close in my garden beds or under rotting logs in the woods.

Hey, did you know that question marks have wings, too?


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  1. Cathy Ballou Mealey
    Cathy Ballou Mealey
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    I love the name Liana, and am glad to know it means a tropical flowering vine!

    An old friend is named “Tonina” which is a medicinal plant from South America. I always loved her name as well, but she never found personalized merchandise either!


  2. Juliana Lee
    at ·

    I have never, never, never met anyone named Liana…. except me! That’s my nickname, short for Juliana which is also my mother’s name. She is Julie and I’m Liana. My granddaughter with with same first name is Ana. We laugh that the next generation will be stuck with just Na if we keep shortening it! Anyway, so happy to meet another Liana, and yes you’re right – we never find anything personalized with our name on it… all the more special isn’t it?

  3. Juliana Lee
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    PS… trying to ‘follow’ you, but I can’t find the button or sign up form. Look me up, and maybe we can connect through mine. julianaleewrites.com

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