It’s Poetry Friday!

It’s Poetry Friday, and I’m going to jump right in with my very first PF post.  I’m excited to join the company of some wonderful PF poets, many of whom are in my online poetry critique, the Poets’ Garage.


A Wish for Wings

prickly, tickly

tight-fitting cloth

change your wardrobe

become a moth



So, my little ditty of a poem comes from an amazing, serendipitous discovery I made yesterday with my kiddos. We live in a wooded area with lots of white pine trees. Yesterday, HUGE caterpillars were dropping from the pines and crawling all over the roads, which of course is where many of them met their sad end. But those that didn’t get ran over, we rescued and brought home in ice cream buckets. Why? Because we know what they’re up to. They’re trying to pupate for their overwintering.

imperial caterpillar about to pupate

imperial caterpillar about to pupate

These are imperial moth caterpillars, and their prickly uniform makes them a pine cone mimic. Check out the size of them! Here’s one on my son’s hand, and he’s a teen, by the way. They. Are. Huge. But totally harmless. They dig themselves under the ground, expel their entire digestive system (ewww….), and make a pupa. In June of next year, they will emerge from the ground as beautiful imperial moths to begin the life cycle all over again. The adults are simply breathtaking. We give them a little boost by letting them overwinter in our refrigerator’s crisper bin in little linen hammocks. It’s sort of complicated, but lots of fun.

adult imperial moth (male) pretty!

adult imperial moth (male)…so pretty!


Today’s PF host is Lisa at stepsandstaircases.