The Comma

As human beings, we overlook a lot. We miss things that are in our own backyards and right under our noses.

I like to think that children’s poetry provides a place for kids to see things they might not otherwise notice. At its best, kids’ poetry can actually help kids to open their eyes to the world around them and take it all in through their senses and their imaginations. Maybe even take less for granted…

So that’s why I write poetry. Specifically, that’s why I tend to write a lot of poetry with a focus on the natural world. I like to present lesser-known facts about our living environment through the creative hook of a fun poem.

In case you’re wondering about the title I chose for my children’s poetry blog, here’s an explanation: the comma is a useful device in writing. It’s both a punctuation mark and a butterfly.  Here’s a quick little acrostic poem about this delicate creature and its double meaning:

comma acrostic