Poetry Friday: Found Poems

I’ve always wanted to try writing a “found poem,” but never really got around to it. But then I was cleaning out my coupon holder yesterday, and ended up with an enormous pile of expired coupons. Hmmm…I really didn’t want to throw them away. I totaled up their combined value to be more than $16.00.  Think of the money I could have saved if I had only shopped a little more! 🙂

Then I started reading the fine print, and found a treasure-trove of fun words. I scribbled them onto a notepad, and began playing around them, splicing a phrase here, switching a noun there.

Here’s what I ended up with, using only the words that appeared on the coupons. It’s a rough draft of a found poem:

Ok, so it’s not a children’s poem. But it was fun, fun, fun!

I found a great article by Laura Purdie Salas describing more great info. about found poems: what they are, how to avoid copyright issues, and a neat process that she uses to create them. You really need to check this out!

Some great sources for found poetry text:

  • recipe boxes
  • CD titles and movie jackets
  • today’s junk mail
  • your makeup bag (yes, there are actual words in there!)
  • a road map
  • the care tags on your dirty laundry
  • this year’s seed packets
  • the back of a cereal box (fun one for kids!)
  • a magazine cover
  • the obituary page of a newspaper (I’ve actually done this one before. It’s not really as gruesome as it sounds…it just gets you a nice mish-mash of people words!)

My next found poem is going to come from my daughter’s Hope Chest. If it turns out the way I hope it will, I may just frame it for her as a keepsake.

Today’s Poetry Friday host is Tara at A Teaching Life. Thank you, Tara! Happy writing, everyone!