On the Bright Side

Not a fan of winter! We just got another more-than-six-inches snowstorm. (Honestly, I can’t type the actual number of inches here…we’re a week away from spring!!) I haven’t seen green grass in person since October.

But I’m trying to look on the bright side. And I found one–I found one! Maple sugaring season is almost upon us now. Locals are hanging their sap buckets and drip lines in eager anticipation of changing temperatures. We’re almost out of maple syrup, so this really excites me. Can’t wait to sample all those fresh, dreamy-creamy maple candies, too.  Mmmm…mouth watering…

In honor of the bright side I’ve found in this thought, here’s a rhyming acrostic poem about PANCAKES. Let’s let our mouths water together, shall we?



Kara has today’s Poetry Friday round-up. Happy Friday, everyone!