The Dig

Feeling nostalgic. Pulled out an oldie today. This was my very first published piece, published in Once Upon a Time magazine. I didn’t get paid a dime for this one, but still remember it as one of my favorite moments as a writer when I received the acceptance. It came in a colorful envelope with a fake dollar and one of the nicest, most upbeat acceptance letters I have ever received. Thank you, OUaT, for believing in me and helping me to do the same.


The Dig

by Liana Mahoney

I am an archaeologist.

I dig for what is buried under layers

of knowledge, assumption, and prejudice.

With blind faith, I search for artifacts –

art, and facts –

that I trust lie in the depths,

waiting to be uncovered,


Tools at hand, I have the power

to corrupt or preserve the integrity of

what lies beneath the surface.

With painful precision, I

brush away sediments

to reveal trinkets of truth,

morsels of memories.

My discoveries are time capsules –

Immortal gifts to the future

and testaments to the past.

And so I dig.

I am the soul’s archaeologist.

I am a writer.

Believe in yourself, writer friends! Keep digging…keep writing!

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